• Lithophanes
  • Signs
  • iPhone cases

Our core business : CNC engraving and carving.


For an excellent description of what a lithophane is, see this article.  What sets us apart is that we can do this around an object.  Our favorite medium is PVC pipe that is lit from within.  The image you see above was carved into PVC.  Flat lithophanes are also available
  Custom iPhone cases

We take your line drawing and engrave it on the inside of a clear polycarbonite case.  This provides excellent protection for your phone and the engraving.  We can engrave practically any font so adding your text is a snap.


Pictures to come.  But we can work with plastics and wood to make the sign you need.  Our large CNC machine can handle material as large as 4' X 4'

Whatever you can imagine

Obviously we can't take pictures of what is in your head.  But we can help turn your ideas into physical objects.  Let us know what you need and we can work up an estimate.